Monday, March 23, 2015

Colorful Birdhouses in a Row

Yesterday morning I looked out the porch window and saw this beautiful cardinal in the pine tree in my backyard. I have a 70-300 lens which works very well with large birds like hawks but no so well with small songbirds. Still I gave it a shot and cropped the image in my computer.

Coincidentally, I finished this paper pieced row of birdhouses yesterday afternoon. It was one of the patterns from the Row by Row Experience  from last summer. That makes three rows done so far. :-) I'm working on the rows which are spring/summer patterns. I really should make an effort to finish the rows before the next Row by Row Experience which begins at the end of June. 

This year's theme will be water. For those who do not know, from late June to early September participating quilt shops each come up with a pattern which they give to visitors to their shops. You are also able to purchase a fabric kit to accompany the pattern if you wish. I only purchased two or three kits as I am trying to use up some of the fabric which I already have. The whole thing is quite fun as it means lots of field trips with friends to collect as many patterns as possible.

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