Sunday, January 25, 2015

Final Two Crazy Quilt Blocks

     I have finished the final two crazy quilt blocks featuring turn of the century actresses. Actually, the above block has been done for a while, but I decided that the cigarette silk which had been sewn into the piece was too faded and frayed. Thus, I decided to search on eBay for a replacement and found this one featuring the lovely Ethel Green. I didn't want to have to remove the white lace and beads, so I  appliquéd the new silk piece over the existing one. It's not perfect, but it looks fine.  
     Searching for biographical info on Ethel Green, I came across an article "Orpheum Stars Wage Struggle for Beauty." The short article discusses the unofficial contest waged by fans of two beautiful actresses (one being Ethel Green) and offers each actress's beauty secret. What were their secrets? You'll have to read the article to find out. :-) 

The actress below is Maud Lambert. I wasn't able to find much info on her career, but she did appear in the 1944 film, A Canterbury Tale. An excerpt from a  review of a 1901 Broadway show "King Dodo," says "The queenly Maud Lambert gives excellent musical value to a leading role and William Norris is exceedingly funny."

Now I just have to make a cover and settle on a way to lace the pages of this crazy quilt book together . One method might be using buttonholes or another could be by adding eyelets. 

     Finally, here's why I don't accomplish nearly as much as I set out to do.  After going to church and then food shopping this morning, I had planned to spend the whole afternoon sewing, but . . . the sky was sunny and bright and the thermometer on my sunporch was reading 60 degrees. Emma and I decided to bask in the warmth for a few minutes. This was taken before we both ended up taking a little nap. :-) Oh well, a big snowstorm is forecast for Monday night into Tuesday, so it would have been an absolute crime not to have enjoyed the pause between the storms. 

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