Saturday, August 23, 2014

Row by Row - Ladybugs,Pinwheels, and a Good Deed

     The "Row by Row Experience" for this year will be coming to a close at the end of the month. For those who may not know, quilters across the country are scurrying around to quilt shops to get patterns and fabric kits. The theme for this year was the seasons. You simply need to visit a shop in person and ask for the free pattern. It's been kind of crazy but lots of fun. On Thursday, my friend Marilyn had a free afternoon and wanted to do something. I suggested we go visit a couple of quilt shops. :-) She laughingly agreed and off we went. Our first stop was Knit One, Quilt Two in West Boylston. The pattern there was a series of cute little birdhouses. Upon the suggestion of the owner, we headed down the road to O'Connor's Restaurant, a lovely Irish pub for a late lunch.  Fortified, we headed next to Quilters Way in Acton. The pattern and kit there featured autumn leaves. Though I intend to make a spring/summer quilt, I did purchase the kit which perhaps I will make into a wallhanging or table runner.
     I have finally, actually, unbelievably completed my first row. This pattern was offered by Franklin Mills. There are two other Massachusetts quilt shops which chose ladybugs for the theme of their patterns. (Ladybugs are our state insect.) I selected this one as it also contains pinwheels which are in a number of other patterns. I used dotted fabric in the pinwheels. Let's see; that means I only have to make seven or eight more rows. :-) The theory is that since I have posted one here, it will motivate me to make the rest. I sure hope it works!

     Speaking of insects . . . if they creep you out, stop reading immediately. This morning I was in the backyard with Emma and my camera as I often am. Later, when I started up the porch steps, this is what I nearly stepped on.

I though he or she was dead and was just about to brush it away, when I saw its little "legs" faintly fluttering. It couldn't seem to turn over, so with a leaf, I gently rolled it over.

It didn't seem interested in flying off, and I just kept shooting. What would you have done? Anyway, he or she was probably worn out from its struggle and seemed unfazed by my camera.

 You have to admit; it's weirdly fascinating! Look at that face and those eyes!!! Click on any of the photos, especially this face one, to see a larger version. After a few shots I put a tiny twig in front of it and it crawled on. I then carried it over and placed it on some plants near the fence. Good deed done for the day! Anyone have any idea what this insect is???  In case you were wondering when I checked sometime later, it had flown away.

UPDATE: My friend, who is also named Janice, identified this as a cicada. Their "lacey" wings are really quite lovely. :-)

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