Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Troubling Weekend

     This pretty petunia photo belies the difficult weekend we had. I noticed that Emma didn't seem quite herself on Friday. By Saturday she was definitely not feeling well with tummy issues. When I awoke early Sunday morning, I was horrified to discover that Emma had been very sick during the night. I rushed my lethargic puppy to the vet and she was hospitalized. She had become dehydrated and was unable to keep food down along with other problems. My poor little puppy was miserable.
     Yesterday morning I received a call from the vet indicating that Emma was doing much better and would be able to go home. What a relief! They had run numerous tests to determine a cause for her condition, but no cause was found. The good news is that she now seems to be back to her happy, energetic self.

     Just a thought on the incredibly sad passing of Robin Williams. I hope that he is now at peace and perhaps on some heavenly cloud riffing with Jonathan Winters together making the angels laugh.


  1. I'm glad she is better .. what an awful worry for you x

  2. So glad that Emma is better!!!