Saturday, August 16, 2014

Autumn Tablerunner

     I made this autumn tablerunner  today. The pattern used was "Triangle Frenzy Swirl" by Bunnie Cleland at Artistically Engineered Designs.  This company has a series of patterns which use the 60 degree triangle ruler and striped fabric. Here's the fabric (before cutting) which was purchased on Thursday when I went fabric shop hopping in New Hampshire with friends. The wine color is exactly the same shade as the paint in my dining room.

I made the autumn table runner longer than the lavender table runner which I made in a class at  Heart in Hands quilt shop last week.

On our shop hop we visited six shops which were really not all that far apart. Quilters in NH have many quilt shops to explore. At each, we picked up the "Row by Row Experience" pattern and a few other goodies besides. 
       This fabric will make a good backing for an upcoming garden quilt.

These two fabrics also came home with me. I haven't any idea how I will use them, but they were so whimsical that I couldn't resist. And yes, a few other odds and ends also came home with me.

     I was able to go off for the day because Emma's Auntie Ann Marie stopped by to let her out and check on her. :-) Emma is back to being her happy, energetic self. In case you were wondering, what she had was hemorragic gastroenteritis which was as nasty as it sounds. I've been in touch with Emma's breeder and will follow her advice to keep Emma on a low fat diet in hopes this never happens again.

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  1. ooh! I like them both ... but think the lavender one is my favourite xx