Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adventures with Emma - Mud Bath - Before and After

     At some of the finest spas in the world, people pay good money to have mud treatments. Emma's didn't cost a cent. It was raining gently this morning the first time Emma went out wearing her little yellow slicker. No problem . . . after a few minutes outside she came right back in for her breakfast. All was good. 
     The rain soon stopped, and the sun even came out. Emma wanted to go outside and without a thought, I opened the door and said, "Have fun!" I busied myself doing some paperwork and straightening a few things while I glanced outside from time to time to be sure Emma wasn't up to any mischief. (She has begun another excavation project along the fence in spite of my attempts to block it with fencing and rocks. The neighbor's yard always has squirrels swinging from their bird feeder, and Emma is desperate to get at them.) Anyway, after awhile I went and changed my clothes as I was soon to leave for my flute lesson. I gathered up my flute and exercise books and went to call Emma inside. 
     Oh my gracious goodness!!! A filthy, bedraggled puppy then came running. From head to tail she was covered with mud. I hardly knew where to begin. I should have washed her in the cellar, but instead I grabbed an apron, scooped her up, and headed upstairs to begin running a warm bath. You have never seen such brown, dirty, gritty water in your life and of course, Emma was shaking it all over the tub, shower curtain, walls and the door. About the only thing not splotched was the ceiling. What a huge, incredible mess. :-)  Life is never, ever dull with Miss Emma, and you have to admit, she sure does clean up well.

Thank heavens this didn't happen yesterday when I was heading out with friends on a mini shop hop. We had a delightful day visiting three quilt shops, picking up some 'row by row' patterns, buying a little fabric, and enjoying a relaxing lunch.

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  1. Im guessing the lesson went out the window!! She does look good now though xx my little dog will roll in ANYTHING!! so we are used to the bath being full of brown "stuff"!! lol x