Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daffodil Daze

     The weather has been absolutely wonderful this past week. Last Saturday,  I attended a party to celebrate the graduation of my cousin's husband who had earned his master's degree. After a week of sadness and fear, it was good to have an afternoon of happiness. 

    All of my daffodils are now in full glorious bloom, but these particular daffodils were photographed in my friend's front yard. Many of her daffodils had originally come from my garden. They are spectacular! Back in April of 2012, I wrote about how I had first acquired the bulbs many, many years ago. How the gift of the bulbs one day went Full Circle is really quite a story. If you have a moment, click on Full Circle to read the post for April 22, 2011. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

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