Saturday, May 4, 2013

Callahan Across America Tour

     My friends Maribeth and Frank are huge music fans and recently went on a music cruise from Florida to the Caribbean. One of the acts performing on the cruise was Callahan, a British singer/songwriter who is currently living in Atlanta. On the cruise, she mentioned plans for her  "Callahan Across America" tour. Her intention is to do a concert in homes all across the country. My friends signed up to host her, and last night was her very first stop on the tour. It was, as the British might say, "Brilliant"!!! Everyone had a wonderful time!

She is a gifted songwriter with a lovely voice. I was truly struck by some of her hauntingly beautiful lyrics. To learn more about her, her tour, or her music, visit her website, Callahan.

Here are Maribeth and Frank with Callahan. Frank is holding a sign with David Ortiz's infamous quote. For those not from this area, David Ortiz is a beloved Red Sox player who uttered these words when speaking to the crowd at Fenway Park before the first game held after the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. No one minded his earthy language as it echoed what the proud, defiant people of this Commonwealth feel; we are strong, Boston Strong!

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  1. glad a n English girl is bringing a bit of warmth to you all "over there" lol!! enjoy x