Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Emma Makes New Friends

     Spring is here! Yesterday, the temperature was in the sixties, and today it hit seventy. This morning we were out for a long walk and passed the home of some friends who also love schnauzers. Jack, the light schnauzer on the right, was in the front yard with Mr. S., so we stopped to greet them. After a few initial growls and barks, Emma and Jack calmed down, so we went into the back to also greet Henry. Jack and Henry and Emma got along just fine, and Emma had fun exploring their yard.
     Here they are with Mr. S.. The dogs look happy because Mr. S. was giving out treats.

Henry and Jack are, I believe, eight and ten. They are bigger than Emma and haven't as yet had their spring haircuts. Emma looks quite petite next to them, but she clearly held her own; she's fearless. 
     This evening I went with a friend for a walk at Webb Park in North Weymouth where I took this quick shot with my iPhone. Picnic, anyone???

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  1. what a beautiful place to have a picnic x count me in xx