Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saluti da Venezia

     Most of our band of happy, weary travelers returned home Monday evening while a few others extended their visit. My friend Marilyn traveled on to Germany to visit her nephew and his wife. Yesterday, I did nothing more than laundry, food shop, and attend a meeting of the South Shore Camera Club last evening where we sang our own version of "Amore." Today it's time to continue with this series.

     Upon arrival in Venice on Thursday, we had a tour. A local guide led us down many narrow alley ways and to places that other tourists might never stumble upon. After this tour, we visited the Murano Glass Factory where a master artisan gave us a demonstration of his craft.

    The pieces on display in the showrooms were magnificent, but most of the women soon headed for the jewelry section. And, yes, I did purchase a ring and a pendant for myself. :-) The group separated at this point, and my friend Marilyn and I wandered about this enchanting city.


         Later in the day many of us met to take a gondola ride which for me was one of the trip's highlights.

     Our group set off in four gondolas which eventually came together side by side when we reached the busy Grand Canal. Our guide, Gaia, had arranged for us to be serenaded there by a man with a wonderful voice.

       It was a perfect way to end a perfect day in Venice.
       Let me add one quick story which my readers who are quilters will appreciate. When we returned to the mainland, we made a quick stop to use the facilities before boarding the bus. Approaching the building I spotted a beautiful tile pattern in the floor of the entryway. Upon exiting the building I had planned to take a photo of it as I thought it might make a wonderful quilt pattern. Unfortunately, another large bus group had arrived, and it was impossible to snap the picture. Returning to the bus, I mentioned this to Betsy who is a member of the Herring Run Quilt Guild to which I also belong. She smiled and said that she too had spotted the design and had photographed it! Yeah! ! ! Yes, great minds think alike or quilters can find patterns in some mighty strange places. :-) :-)

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