Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saluti da Pisa

           Last Saturday, the 13th,  our tour group stopped at Pisa for a quick photo stop. The sky was bright and beautiful and

the tower was still leaning. It was fun watching people lining up their photographs of friends and loved one so as to make it appear they were trying to right the tower.

    While my friend Marilyn shopped for souvenirs, I strolled about taking a few photos. Here's a favorite of mine.

    Another photo complete with story.

     While I was shooting here, I spotted a man about to take a photo of two women.  I asked if they would like me to take the photo so that all three could be included. "Yes,  thank you," they said. Another man came up and said, "Wait for me. I want to be in the photo too." Then he offered to take my photo with my camera. We got to talking and in typical tourist fashion asked where we were all from. Massachusetts was the answer. "What part?" Imagine my surprise when he responded, "Braintree," which is the town next to Weymouth where I live. Not only that, we had both attended Sacred Heart Elementary School and had been taught by some of the same good sisters! Isn't that something!
     Next post . . . Lucca.

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  1. I'm finally catching up on all of your Italy blog posts Janice. Your images are stunning!!! Can't wait to see more. :-)