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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Little Pumpkin

     Happy Halloween! Now before you think I've gone round the bend, let me explain about the costume.  I was in Pet Smart the other day to replace Katie's worn out dog bed, and they had a big sale on these pumpkin costumes, 75% off. What a bargain!!! This outfit cost me under $5.00, so really, how could I resist? No, Katie will not be out trick or treating tomorrow night, I just thought it would make a cute picture for my blog. Katie didn't seem to share my enthusiasm for the outfit as you can see by the disgusted look on her face in the photo below.

     We didn't get much snow from the storm which blanketed areas all along the East Coast last night.  Some places in western MA received two feet of snow and a few hundred thousand customers are still without power. Unbelievable. Here are a couple of shots that I took this morning when I was out and about.

I sure hope this isn't a clue to the type of winter we will be having.

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