Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mums the Word

  That's chrysanthemums at this time of year. One of the many thing that I like about New England is that we experience four very distinct seasons, and yes, I even enjoy the winter. 

It seems that everyone is decorating his or her doorsteps with pumpkins and colorful mums in rich, autumnal colors. 
     On the way to the gym this morning, I saw something interesting while stopped at the intersection near Roche Brothers grocery store on Quincy Avenue. A young man had climbed a ladder to the base of the billboard and was in the midst of changing the billboard display. I guess I had never thought about how this was done. The sign he was hanging was one very large piece which was bunched up along the base of the sign. It appeared to have loops of some kind along the top at regular intervals. The man was using a long pole to place the loops onto hooks at the top of the billboard. At this point, the piece was loosely hanging  askew. I'm not exactly sure what he did next, but it looked as if he then began pulling ropes or loops at the bottom. As the light changed and I proceeded on my way, the whole piece tightened up into place. It was a fascinating process to watch. Who knew this was how they changed billboards?

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