Friday, June 3, 2011

Slowsky Relation?

     Yesterday morning as I was out walking Katie, my neighbor at the bottom of the hill stuck her head out the door and called out to me to take a look at what was going on in her flower bed. There was a large turtle laying eggs in her newly turned over bed. Of course, I went home to get my camera. By the time that I returned, the turtle had moved away from the flower bed, and she seemed intent on paying a visit to the folks inside the house. I'm pretty sure the steps would have prevented that, but I didn't wait around to find out.
They weren't the only ones with something interesting in their front yard. I discovered a fungus among us! It at least six inches across and near my front door. I thought it looked interesting, so I added this image.
     Then it was finally time to do errands. A friend had come along for the ride and since we ended up in Kingston, we decided to head to the Lobster Hut in Plymouth for lunch. Yum! When I returned home, I began assembling my latest purchase, a composter. My compost piles are just round wire circles which I fill with grass and leaves, but I have a big problem with tree roots growing into the rich soil. For that reason I splurged on a composter that attaches to a frame. You can turn the heavy, black plastic barrel to aerate the pile. They didn't have one on display in the store, but the salesman said it would probably involve just attaching the frame with a few nuts and bolts. He was wrong! I knew I was in for a challenge when I opened the carton. There was the barrel in four pieces, the frame in four pieces, a couple lengths of metal rods, and a bag of various sized nuts, bolts, and washers. Yikes!  The instructions were on a double-sided sheet and consisted of a series of tiny marked drawings. Undaunted I began. The frame went together fairly quickly, and it was then on to the barrel.  No exaggeration, I spent about four hours putting this foolish thing together; there was an aerator which had to fit inside the barrel. If nothing else, I am persistent. This part would have gone more quickly with another pair of hands holding the sides together as I fastened things in place. In the end, the frame and barrel (which went together with a kajillion nuts and bolts) were done, but the end cap pieces simply wouldn't fit on the piece which goes through the barrel. I hate to admit defeat, but I'm going to have to ask my neighbor to help with this final step.

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