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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Offerings for Their Osprey Offspring

Last evening the meteorologist's forecast was for a gorgeous day today, so this morning I grabbed my camera and headed to Falmouth in search of Osprey. There are many nesting platforms in Falmouth, but I had difficulty finding one that appeared active and accessible for my camera. Eventually I headed toward Old Silver Beach where I had success. If you click on the photo below or any of the others, you will see larger versions. Please do so as they are interesting. 

Can you spot the little guy looking out of the nest? From the screeches that I heard, I know there were more chicks, but I was not able to see his/her siblings.

The hungry screeches summoned a parent who carried a 'tasty' morsel which appeared to be of the rodent family in its talons. A passing motorist told me that earlier he had seen one delivering a good size fish.

After delivering the goodies, the osprey immediately took off again.

Patience is necessary as it was sometimes a very, very long time between deliveries, but I had a railing to rest on and it was truly a gorgeous day.

We do have Osprey Overlook Park in my town, but my lens (100-300mm) is not long enough to zero in on those nesting platforms. The nests in Falmouth are on poles to which wooden braces have been added by the light company to help accommodate the heavy weight of the nests and keep it off the lines.

PS . . . How did you like the title of this post? Try saying it three times quickly. :-)


  1. Gosh those nests are huge! I liked the title of your post; I was challenged saying it once!! :) Google won't publish. . . Terry

  2. They are gorgeous. We have many of them near by and I just love to see them.