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Friday, January 18, 2019

Get the Milk! Get the Bread! A Storm is Coming!!!

Yes, it seems our fairly easy winter is headed for a drastic change this weekend. We are expecting snow, sleet, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures. How much snow will we get? That's unclear, but it's the ice that may will be the biggest problem. You know things will be bad when Weather Channel storm chaser/meteorologist, Jim Cantore, has headed to Boston to be in the thick of things. :-)

I have big plans for this three-day weekend: 1.) I'm going to straighten out my sewing room, 2.) prep a new piece of wool stitchery, and 3.) hopefully, start on the Crosstown Quilters guild mystery/BOM. Of course,  Sunday night it will all be about the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Fingers will be crossed that we don't lose cable or power.

Fortunately, I did my food shopping earlier in the week as I can't imagine how crazy the grocery stores will be tomorrow. This lovely African violet had to come home with me. :-)

I'm in the middle of a number of books, but I did finish the one on my nightstand. It was The Rescue Artist - A True Story of Art, Thieves, and the Hunt for a MISSING Masterpiece  by Edward Dolnick.  It was a very interesting, truly enjoyable read!!! In February of 1994 while the world was watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, two thieves broke into the National Gallery in Oslo and stole Edvard Munch's Scream. This is the story of a Scotland Yard detective's dogged pursuit of the masterpiece.  If you enjoy visiting art museums, reading true crime stories, or just want to read a very well written, well paced book, give it a try. I learned a great deal about the world of art and the world of art crimes.

Emma and I took a walk this afternoon and upon our return, she settled herself on my lap to keep an alert eye on any squirrels outside the window.

And finally, I saw this on another blog and it made me smile.

Go Pats!!!!!!! Never give up pursuing your dreams. :-)


  1. Go Pats!!!! The ironing board sentiment was cute!!!!!

  2. Hope you are staying warm and dry. Enjoy the sewing room organization.

  3. hope you kept warm and safe ... and survived!! lol x