Wednesday, July 18, 2018

After the Storm

The heavy rains came last night, but they did little to wash away the sadness felt over the tragic deaths of Officer Michael Chesna and Vera Adams. This morning I felt the need to go out and spend some time in my yard photographing flowers. Hopefully, these images will brighten your day just a bit.

Note the teenie tiny green bug on the tip of the top right petal of this daylily.

The little green visitor patiently waited for me to switch to my macro lens.

I am always drawn to raindrops on flowers as I was here with my balloon plant.

I experimented with different lens, but the majority I have posted here were taken not with my macro lens, but with my 100-300 zoom lens. That is by far my favorite lens for flower photography.

Though I have a macro lens, this sunflower center was taken with a 3T filter screwed on the end of my 18 to 55 zoom lens.  Please click on it to see a larger version of this and the other photos as I was really quite pleased with the detail in this last photo. The large versions are definitely worth checking out.


  1. The close up of the green bug is amazing!

    1. The body of this cute little bug was only about a half inch, but he/she did have very long legs. ;-) it’s fun to look at the world through a macro lens!