Saturday, May 19, 2018

Once Upon a Time . . .

Once upon a time a popular red headed prince went on a blind date with a beautiful young American actress. They fell in love and today over a billion people around the world watched their fairy tale wedding in Windsor.

I started watching at 5:45 am. After the initial four hours of coverage, I switched to another channel to catch that station's recap of the ceremony and tonight I'm watching more recaps. CNN is showing the entire ceremony again. :-)

Every moment of the ceremony was beautiful. The music was magical from the soloist to the church choir to the gospel choir to the young cellist each, every note was perfection.

I kept looking at Meghan's mother whose face was filled with so much emotion as her daughter became a member of the royal family, and I'm sure everyone was also thinking of Princess Diana and the joy she would have felt watching her youngest son marry the woman he loves.

No one does pomp, ceremony, and celebration as the British do. The horse-drawn carriage procession through Windsor was my favorite part. I could have watched that scene for hours.


In our troubled, chaotic, dangerous world, it was good to have a day of joy, romance, and love.

May the Duke and Duchess of Sussex live happily ever after . . .


  1. It was such a joyful day wasn't it? She looked breathtaking and he so handsome. A true fairy tale. I hope they continue to love and cherish each other. I admit I lost it when Charles came to escort her to the alter. The cellist was incredible, every minute was lovely.

  2. I too have enjoyed watching parts of the procession and wedding. I was there standing in those same filmed places at the end of March which makes the whole event even more interesting!

  3. so wonderful to have good news and sunshine x It was wonderful to see x