Wednesday, March 14, 2018

On the Count Of Three . . .

Well, the forecasters were right, and this equal opportunity storm brought high winds and deep snow to all parts of the state.  I believe that the correct meteorological assessment is, "We got clobbered." I would say around here, it was fifteen inches, but there were drifts which were higher.

The top photo is the standard record shot that I usually post. My land drops off behind the chain link fence, and it was in this area that the deer from the other day were resting. This morning for a change I thought that I would point my camera upward. It was absolutely beautiful, but then again, I have always loved the snow.

So, these are my last snow scenes of the season. Spring is six days away. No more pretty snow scenes. . .  What's that you say??? The meteorologists are gently hinting that there is the possibility of another storm coming Tuesday or Wednesday???? What???? Really???? Okay, all together on the count of three yell, "UNCLE! We want spring!"

By the way, I was gung ho to get a lot of quilting done yesterday during the storm. I pressed a top and backing for a children's quilt and carefully draped it over the sofa. Then watched a number of YouTube videos on how to face an art quilt. I attached two sides to the piece I am working on, and that was the full extent of what I got accomplished. I spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing! That's not entirely true as I did two loads of laundry, a bit of shoveling, and took a few, fine quality naps. :-) I am determined to do better today and to finish my fine line quilt piece before putting my head on the pillow tonight.

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  1. What a lot of snow! Your photos are so beautiful that bright sky against that bright snow. . .it is a beautiful combination!