Monday, March 12, 2018

No One Warned the Crocuses

No one warned the crocuses to hold off popping up their pretty little heads as tomorrow they are going to be buried by perhaps 12+ inches of snow. Yikes!!!

This is the third storm which we have had this month. The first which brought widespread problems along the coastline was the same weekend as our Crosstown Quilters Guild getaway to Cape Cod. All thirty-eight of us made it safely to the Bayside Resort in Yarmouth in spite of the very wet, wild, windy weather. Indeed many ladies were happy to be away quilting as there was no heat or electrical power back in their homes. What a weather weekend!!! We just sat and sewed, and a wonderful time was had by all. Such a lovely, fun group of ladies .  .  . I drove my friend Laurel home to Marshfield, and you can't imagine the many, many massive trees we saw that had either lost tops and large limbs or which had been totally ripped out of the ground. God Bless all of the linesmen who had been brought in from all over the country and Canada to restore the power. I was very fortunate as my home never lost power nor was there any damage. Miss Emma stayed at her home away from home with friends.

Speaking of Crosstown Quilters, one of our members lives down the street from us, and Emma is always super excited when she spots her out front gardening. (It's not a fun walk for Emma if she doesn't get to greet at least two or three of her friends.) Look at the snazzy, cuddly sweater which Elizabeth knitted for Emma. She dropped it off the other day. Emma is one lucky dog. :-)

I worked on a couple of projects while on our Cape getaway. I made two fabric boxes with instructions that may be be found here

Aren't they cute!  I put a plastic lid in the bottom of the large one which now holds a plant, and I have yet to decide on a use for the small one. I feel like Goldilocks when I say, "I think the middle size might be just  right." They would be cute hostess gifts or you could fill them with candy and include a gift card. Lots of possibilities . . .

Among other things, I worked on the Lori Holt Let's Bake 2 quilt blocks.  Wait until you see the stove!!! Here are the layer cake, the rolling pin, and a carton of eggs. (Please excuse the threads as they are not trimmed to size yet.)

The meteorologists keep upping the snow totals, so it would appear I will have lots of time to quilt tomorrow. Stay safe everyone and get your shovels ready. Eight days until spring . . .


  1. Brrr. . .crocus are hardy. I remember seeing them pushing up through a dusting of snow. I hope your area isn't as hard hit as is forecast. I love your Lori Holt blocks and Emma is adorable!

  2. plants are so resilient .. they look so delicate but just keep going xx we maybe could all take a lesson from them x keep going and be bright and cheerful at the same time xx lol x sounds like you are having a fun time x stay warm