Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Princess Quilt Fit for a Princess

The princess quilt based on designs in Beth Helfter 's Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Puzzle Quilts book is finished. You may scroll back to earlier posts to see close-ups of some of these blocks. 

I am not proficient at FMQ (free motion quilting). I realize with practice, I would be able to learn this skill, but for now, it's not on my radar. So, you might be wondering how I quilted this piece. First, I stitched in the ditch (seam lines). Next, I outlined the subject of each block as in this coach. 

I wasn't sure how to handle the blocks with the lettering. If I background stippled those, then I would have had to stipple all of the blocks. Instead, I decided to underline the words using one of the decorative stitches on my machine.

That worked fine on "Once Upon a Time," but there would have been too much empty space in the princess block, so I added a star.

My final challenge was the long strip of background fabric that I had added on each side of the castle to make the blocks fit. I looked in a book I have that features 501 Quilting Motiffs, and found just what I needed. . .

a star with trails. I used tracing paper to make two copies of the motif. When I pinned them in place, I flipped one facing the other way, and elongated the trails to better fit the area. After stitching, it was super easy to remove the tracing paper.

You may notice that I also added two nine patches which feature crowns. See, it's good to have an eclectic group of fat quarters on hand. :-)

For the back, I used "Candy Dot" fabric that I had come across in my travels. The colors echo the colors on the front and will hopefully guarantee sweet dreams.

This quilt makes me happy as I hope it will the little girl who receives it. I pray that she gets through her treatments and goes on to live happily ever after.


  1. What a super special quilt and I your FM quilting looks great! I especially like the candy fabric you used for the back!

  2. I only dream of being able to FM as you do. :-)