Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Touch of Red

Today's post is for Emma's fans. I never know what she will be sporting when I pick her up at the groomers: sometimes it's jewel stick-on ear bling or perhaps a colorful scarf. Today it was a big red bow. Emma always looks adorable after a visit to with Cheryl at Pooch Paws in Rockland.

Continuing the red theme, I was delighted Sunday morning to see all of the blossoms on this hibiscus sitting on my picnic table. It has been a while between blooms, but now it has many buds.

I also love this apricot hibiscus on my deck. This shot was taken later in the day when the light was a bit "cool,"  but let me assure you that the color is simply glorious.

The other day while picking up a bag of fertilizer at Lowes,  these coneflower plants caught my eye. That's not quite true; they stopped me dead in my tracks. They are called Cheyenne Spirit Coneflowers, and the colors are deep and rich.  Three plants came home with me. :-) (So much for not buying any more plants this summer!) I love coneflowers, and these are spectacular.

 I had breakfast with friends this morning, and then spent some time sewing the binding on to the princess quilt. Since I have only one side left to bind, I should be able to post photos tomorrow.

Next, I have a few projects lined up to work on. My cousin and her two little boys came to visit on Friday, and they put in requests for pillowcases. The eight year old wants a shark pillowcase while the five year old wants a dinosaur one. :-)

Time to go finish the binding . . .

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  1. I TOO bought coneflowers....the turkey in residence loved them as well as my new black eyed susans! Crops eaten (not be us) & flowers as well...sigh. Susan