Saturday, July 1, 2017

Stowe, VT - Weekend Wrap Up

Where has this week gone? It seemed to fly by. Here are some final scenes from Stowe, VT.  We had dinner at the Depot Street Malt Shop (bottom right corner) on Saturday after returning from the quilt festival; it's a fun place in town for a quick meal.

These horses were grazing in a field near the rec path.

On our way home on Sunday, we stopped at the Waterwheel Quilt Shop in Londonderry, VT.

These lovely lupines were growing beyond the parking lot.

On Wednesday, I met friends for lunch at a new restaurant in Hull, Local 02045, on the bay side. Here's the view from the deck. Sunsets are supposed to be absolutely spectacular here.

Finally, on Thursday, I was sitting at my dining room table sewing when I noticed this little guy peeking in the window. He hung out for quite awhile and didn't move when I went outside to snap this photo.


  1. I sure could imagine a sunset from that viewpoint. It would be spectacular! Those lupins were so tall. Do you suppose your visitor thought inside was better pickings than outside?? I'm surprised you were able to snap the photo!

  2. Aaaaaah. Love the photos from Vermont!!!! Haven't checked out the new restaurant in Hull yet but hope to get there soon.