Monday, July 24, 2017

Castle For Rent

Nah, I'm kidding . . . This double block castle is from a quilt on which I am currently working. The other day, a member of one of the guilds to which I belong asked if anyone would be willing to make a quilt for a very special organization with which she is involved. This organization is dedicated to helping children who are battling cancer. She was looking for five quilts and because I responded first, I got first pick from the five themes. I was happy to volunteer and even happier to be able to make the "princess-themed" quilt. 

This delightful pattern book, Once Upon a Time - Fairy Tale Puzzle Quilts by Beth Heifter of (EvaPaige Quilt Designs) has been on my bookshelf for a number of years. I didn't discover this book until all the little princesses in my life had passed the "princess" stage, so I was excited to finally get to use it. In just a matter of days, I have prepared twenty, fused blocks, and tomorrow I will start zigzagging around all of the applique pieces and add some embellishments. It is a joyful project and I can't wait to see it all stitched together.

Yesterday, I grabbed this quick iPhone shot of the yellow, swirling blossoms of the hibiscus on my porch

and noticed that this hanging pot is a pretty good reflection of the colors in my Katie PM artful log cabin shown in my previous post. :-)

It was raining all day here in the kingdom, but after a three-day heat wave, you won't hear me complain.

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