Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fuchsia Fantasy

I'm happy to say that I finished the piece that I started in the Katie PM "Artful Log Cabin" workshop that I attended in early June. You can read about it in an earlier post,  here . The workshop was wonderful, and I totally enjoyed the process. Katie's new book, Artful Log Cabins, leads the reader through the entire process and includes many colorful samples. Her book may be purchased at your local bookstore, quilt shop, or on her website.

I love photographing flowers and in particular, fuchsias. This was the photo that I used as the basis was "Fuchsia Fantasy."

I'm thrilled with the piece and already have another photo in mind for a second 'artful log cabin.'

Yesterday, I went with two friends to the opening of the "Threads of Resistance" quilt exhibit at the Lowell Quilt Museum. I'll talk a bit about it in my next post after I have had time to process my thoughts about it.

One more item before I forget it, if you are sixty-two or over, this is the time to get your America the Beautiful - National Parks and Recreational Lands Senior Pass. This pass is a lifetime pass. You may purchase it at any National Park in person for $10.00 or by mail for $20.00. Why the rush? Well, the price is going to increase to $80.00 on August 28, 2017. That's quite a hike! (Pun semi-intended.) Locally, you can obtain a pass in person at the Adam National Park in Quincy.
It's a beautiful day here in New England; hope it's equally beautiful where you are.


  1. You were spot on with your vibrant pink and purple fabric selection! What a fun piece and fun memory you will have every time you look at this piece!

  2. Thanks, Terry! It really was fun to make, and I'm sure there will be another artful log cabin in my future. :-)