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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bags, Thrifting, and Peach Irises

I recently purchased a new iPad with more memory and decided that I would follow one of the many tutorials online to make a quilted cover for it.  Shabby Fabrics  offers many Youtube video tutorials for all kinds of projects and gifts, including one for an iPad or tablet cover.  I gathered my fabrics and began working on the cover. Oops, the thickness of the fabric (upholstery) threw off the measurements, and I soon realized that my iPad wouldn't fit. As quilters, we prefer to consider our 'mistakes' as design opportunities. :-) I had been meaning to make a neck wallet to take with me when walking Emma. I wanted to be able to carry my iPhone, my asthma inhaler, and my keys. I added a smaller pocket along with the suggested deeper front pocket. Next, I added a strap and found a cool button in my collection to dress it up a bit more. You can see in the photo below that I use ponytail holders as closing loops. This brings me to the bag below. It too turned out just a smidge too snug for my iPad, but it would be fine for a mini iPad. This was a thin piece of upholstery fabric which I really loved. My suggestion . . . add an additional inch to the given directions on the tutorial.

On Saturday, I enjoyed "Cousins' Day" with my seven little cousins and their parents. Our original plan had been to go to Davis Farmland, but the kids so enjoy playing and hanging out together, we decided to do just that instead. My little cousins range in age from five to eleven and all get along so well.

On Tuesday, I donated two bags of clothing at the Cardinal Cushing Training Center in Hanover. As I strolled through the thrift shop, this little lamp and Halloween teddy bear planter caught my eye. Grand total of my purchases . . . $2.63.

I always bring my donations here, but honestly, I had never noticed the shop next door. I thought it was merely an extension of the thrift shop, but no, above it was a sign reading the "Cushing Trader," a shop offering art and gifts created by the students. Look at these lovely bracelets that came home with me for just $8.00 each.

The tag tells which student made the piece and carries this message on the back.  They had bracelets in every color along with other interesting gift items. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in and take a look.

I love these delicate peach irises. There weren't as many blooms this year, so in the fall I will divide them. I was able to do a bit of gardening earlier this week. I had been concerned that due to an ongoing issue with my feet, I won't be able to do any digging. A young man in my neighborhood is between jobs, so he was happy to have a few hours work. I'll definitely be calling on him again to
help me get my gardens in shape.

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  1. Lovely purchases and thanks for the heads up about adding a bit more to the tutorial patterns. The peach iris is beautiful! Glad you had special time with the cousins!