Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Busy Week Ahead

This week I will be taking a two-day class with instructor Katie Pasquini Masopust. The workshop will be based on her latest book, Artful Log Cabins. To prepare for the class, I selected a favorite shot of a fuchsia blossom and pulled a stack of fabrics. This is only a small part of the pile I have assembled. Tomorrow I will begin cutting the necessary strips. I am really excited to be attending this workshop.

The Quilters Connection Guild in Waltham is having its 40th anniversary quilt show this coming  weekend. On Friday evening, June9,  at 7:00, there will be a lecture and book signing featuring Katie Pasquini Masopust, who is a rock star in the world of quilting. The lecture will be in the Koumantzelis Auditorium (room 38) on the third floor of Linsay Hall, Bentley University. The lecture fee is $10.00 and tickets will be available at the door.

The quilt show will be on Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11. For a schedule of events and further information about the show, please click here.  I will have two quilts in the show, "Waiting for Lovers" and "Manarola." You can see a photo of those quilts by clicking on their titles.

One interesting thing about this show is that there are no ribbons or judging; it is simply a celebration of all types of quilting. I like that idea!

Because I have such a busy week ahead, this morning after Mass I made a stop at the garden center and the supermarket. My plan was to get as much done this afternoon in the garden as I could since we will be having more rainy days this week. I didn't get the cherry tomatoes planted, but I did plant some geraniums, impatiens, snapdragons, and made five hanging baskets. I primarily have perennials  but always buy annuals for my hanging baskets and for spots of color around the gardens. Emma kept me company when she wasn't barking at the squirrels, but she really wasn't much help. You'd think she could at least do some of the digging. . .  I used to be able to work for four or five hours at a time; today I barely lasted two and a half. What's up with that??? :-()

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  1. I sure like the fabrics you chose for your workshop! Sounds like you accomplished loads in the time that you had. I have no idea what happens to us or when it happens; it seems like one day, you notice the change. Ahh to have the endurance of youth and the wisdom of maturity at the same time! :)