Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween Quilt Blocks

A couple of week ago when I wasn't supposed to be putting weight on my injured foot, I started working on a Halloween quilt. At our recent Herring Run Quilt Show, a member of the guild had a Halloween themed quilt based on Tula Pink's  100 Modern Quilt Blocks. Now, I already have far too many unfinished projects and the very last thing that I need is a Halloween quilt, but I started it anyway just for fun. The fabric was no problem as I had lots left over from a quilt I had made for one of my little cousins whose birthday is on Halloween. I've always enjoyed fussy cutting so these blocks were addictive. (For non-quilters, fussy cutting means cutting our little motifs from larger pieces of printed fabric.) I have fifty-five blocks completed so far, so I'm beginning to think about the sashing and borders. Here are two possibilities. I laid a few out as a sample; which do you prefer . . . the dark or the light version? All opinions welcome. :-)


  1. I like ALL your blocks xx .. who needs to work on "old" projects when there is fabric to cut and play with !! lol x

  2. I like both backgrounds. I agree with Diane. Playing with fabric to create new blocks was just the activity to keep your mind off of your foot!