Sunday, November 20, 2016

Christmas Wreath Ornament

I enjoy reading all types of blogs, especially quilting, crafting,  and vintage collecting and repurposing ones.  In a recent posting at Adirondack Girl @Heart , Diana showed a "Vintage-y Farmhouse Jute Christmas Ornament" that she had designed using some red striped jute ribbon. I had a roll of this woven ribbon in my craft supply box, and so, I thought this might be a fun project to do with my young cousins. Well, yesterday my godchild, her husband, and her two girls came to put away all of my garden "stuff" for the winter.  My pink adirondack chairs are now tucked away under the deck and all of my ceramic pots are emptied and stored away. They made short order of this work and then there was time for crafting fun.

Besides the jute ribbon, I had picked up some thin red ribbon, felt, jingle bells, and a package of these pipe cleaner branches. Our results are somewhat different than the original design since I didn't want to use a glue gun with the girls. We simply used small pieces of green floral wire to attach the jingle bells and red ribbon bow to the wreath. Next we used a bit more wire to anchor the wreath to the jute ribbon. The felt was glued to the back to cover up the wires.

We enjoyed doing this fairly quick ornament project and our results are each a bit different but equally adorable.


And speaking of adorable, here's a salt and pepper shaker I bought at a candy shop this week. I was picking up chocolate pilgrim lollipops for my seven little cousins whom I will see on Thanksgiving. I do a little quiz game with age-appropriate "Thanksgiving Day" questions with them and everyone gets a prize at the end.  Here's the final silly question . . . Myles Standish was a famous pilgrim, who can "standish" on one foot for thirty seconds? Of course, they all can and do. :-)

Finally, here's Emma game day ready. Go Pats!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a cute idea with the Thanksgiving quiz! The wreath ornaments are cute too!

  2. Buzzed over here from Adirondack Girl @Heart to see your wreathe ornaments; nice job; my ornaments came out different from yours; I made some into gift card pockets; great how we can take an idea and tweak it to meet our own needs (like NOT using a glue gun)!

    1. My little cousins enjoy doing craft projects with me. The seven year old made the wreath on the far right. I love how she sprinkled her jingle bells over instead of on the wreath. Thanks for stopping by.