Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pumpkin Table Runner Finished

I finished this pumpkin table runner a week or so ago and thought this might be a good time to show it. Actually, the middle of the runner has been done for a year or so and only needed the borders and to be quilted. I had purchased the kit knowing that it would be a bit too big for my dining room table but just perfect to drape on the back of my living room sofa. The witch on the left is a Sandy Bard Design.  Sandy taught a class at our guild a number of years ago and beside this Halloween doll, I also made her   winter-themed doll.


  1. It is fun to have those holiday "accent" pieces. Your couch is the perfect spot for those wonderful pumpkins!--Terry

    1. Thanks, Terry. I think those pumpkins will stay there to after Thanksgiving! :-)

  2. I like that nifty pumpkin quilt. Fall is my favorite time of year and pumpkins work even into the Christmas season. Hope your foot is getting better.

  3. Thanks, BJ. My foot is coming along, but it may take a long time.