Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Exploring Ireland - Day 1

Where have I been since last I posted? I have been in the land of green fields, rainbows, thatched cottages, and sheep; the land of fairies, Connemara ponies, sweeping vistas, and sheep; the land of stone walls, cliffs, music, and sheep; the land of my ancestors . . . Ireland. My friend Marilyn and I along with members and friends of members of the South Shore Camera Club were on an Irish Explorer - CIE Tour.

Our first stop was the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel where we would spend the night. Since we were too early for check-in, we were taken on a tour of central Dublin with its elegant Georgian squares, public buildings, and monuments . . . at least that is what it said in the itinerary. It's a pity, but unfortunately, we were all so tired from the flight and lack of sleep that when I did manage a glance around the bus, at least eighty percent of the bus was snoozing. :-)

Eventually we arrived at Glasnevin Cemetery, the final resting place of Daniel O'Connor, Michael Collins, Charles Stewart Parnell, Brendan Behan, and many other prominent figures in Ireland's history. 

I was very glad that I had read Frank Delaney's Tipperary - A Novel of Ireland  prior to the trip to become familiar with Irish history. The protagonist of the novel interacts with many of the key figures of the time and witnesses the events that would shape Ireland's fight for independence.

We had an excellent young guide who was in the midst of giving us a tour of the cemetery when the storm clouds, winds and driving rain suddenly came. It happened in just a matter of minutes; one moment blue skies, the next, a mad dash back to the bus. (And we think New England weather is changeable . . . we've got nothing on Irish weather!!!)

One last photo . . . these mosaic shamrocks were embedded in the floor of Daniel O'Connor's tomb. I'm thinking they might make an interesting quilt design . . . time will tell.

Tomorrow: a visit to Ulster American Folk Park and a tour of Donegal Castle.


  1. What a fabulous trip! I'm glad you are enjoying the sights!

  2. Beautiful .. and you chose the right time to visit for sunshine and rainbows xx