Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whistler's Long Lost Redhead Model

Today I went to Lowell with three friends to see an art quilt exhibit at the Whistler House Museum of Art. We didn't tour the house as I had already done so at this same time last year. If you would like to see photos from that visit, please click here.

The quilts were all very interesting.  In the back gallery, there was a large, fun version of James Whistler's most famous work, Whistler's Mother.  Oddly enough, not one of my friends wanted to stick her face in the mock-up. Gee, it didn't even cross my mind for even a second to not do so. :-)  :-)

After a lovely lunch at the nearby Cobblestone Restaurant, we walked over to the New England Quilt Museum  where there were two special exhibits. One was a series of Presidential Medallion quilts and the other, some incredible art quilts with a water theme. The Presidential Medallion quilts are on display until Sept. 4, and the other, "Confluence - Water's Beauty, Use and Misuse" will be on view until October 16th. On the way back to our car, we also stopped at the Brush Art Gallery and Studios.

Yesterday, I had accompanied my friend Edith on another quilting adventure. She was interested in picking up the row by row pattern from the Red Barn Quilting and Yarn Center  in Merrimac, MA and at Quilters Common in Wakefield.

I picked up the two free row patterns, two cute charm packs, a piece of floral fabric for my landscape quilts,  a cute little paper-pieced snowman pattern, and just the perfect piece of grey fabric for the borders and binding for the quilt on which I am currently working.

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