Thursday, August 11, 2016

It Might Be a Tad Too Early

It might be a tad too early for putting up Christmas decorations, but look at what I picked up today. I was leaving the gym and heading for my car when I passed a house with a cabinet full of FREE items on the front lawn. FREE was the operative word and what an assortment there was; vases, books, knickknacks, etc..  I was tempted to take the small, wood two-shelf corner piece or the glass wind chime decoration, but in the end, I just couldn't leave poor old Santa baking in the ninety-five degree heat, so he alone came home with me. Those who know me will acknowledge that the last thing thing I could possibly need is another Christmas decoration, but I couldn't stop myself. :-)

The 90+ temperatures will continue for at least a few more days, so that should give me some time to stay in the air conditioning and get some quilting done. Here's what I'm currently working on.

The pattern is "You've Got Mail," a youtube tutorial from Missouri Star. A friend had brought some fabric which she no longer wanted to a recent get-together, and the moment I spotted a particular two-yard piece, I knew immediately how I could use it. It's the background fabric in these first four blocks on my design wall.  It works perfectly with my other fabrics. (Thanks, Liz!)

A Question . . . if age and athletic ability were total non-factors, in which Summer Olympic event would you most like to compete? While those sparkly gymnastic outfits are mighty appealing, if I could, I'd compete in beach volleyball!!! How about you?

Take it slow and easy until things cool off. 


  1. 100 meter butterfly. . hands down! Of course, my rendition of the butterfly is darn sad! Great question! Cute Santa. . .yes, he needed to get into a different environment for sure and the price was right!

  2. NEVER too early for Christmas.... esp. when it is FREE x

    1. Diane, I know you are watching the Olympics, so in which event would you choose to participate?