Saturday, August 6, 2016

There's a Mermaid in My Kitchen!!!

She's done!!! Since it is 12" by 40," the best space to hang the mermaid is in my kitchen. I made the piece a few inches deeper than indicated in the pattern, so I put some areas of interest along the bottom to anchor the design.

I used Texture Magic with a piece of multi-colored batik to create the base of each small section. On top of those shapes, I placed bits of dyed cheesecloth and some rock-like beads.

This project was so much fun to work on that I'm a little sad to see it completed, but it does brighten up my kitchen!  :-) In case you are new to my blog, the mermaid pattern was the 2015 row from last year's Row by Row Experience from Quilters Fancy in Cortland, Ohio.

We desperately need rain, so there isn't much to show in my garden except dried up stalks of once colorful plants. The Black-eyed Susans are one exception.  They are no doubt a favorite of this long-legged fellow, too.

Hydrangeas didn't fare well this past winter.  Usually this veteran plant would have many blooms, but this year just three.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. It is nice to be able to enjoy a finish though I do understand the little twang that happens when you come to the end of a project. Your black-eyed Susans are so colorful!