Friday, May 13, 2016

Two Days of Gardening

I've been working on my gardens yesterday and today and also helping the local economy with visits to a few garden centers. Emma was inside the house while I planted this double Knockout Rose. (The squirrels at the neighbor's bird feeder had been driving her bonkers.) When she was released from house confinement, she headed straight for this new rose to investigate. She sniffed a number of the blossoms which gave me time to grab this quick shot. Digging the hole was not easy as it had to be twice as wide and deep as the rootball. Unfortunately, this section of the backyard is filled with hard packed dirt, rocks, and tree roots. Then I had to fill the hole with good dirt from my compost. Planting this rose nearly did knock me out!!!

I have put together seven hanging pots and filled six large planters. Whew!!! At the end of today, I intended to spread fertilizer on the front lawn, but after doing so much work, my back indicated that wouldn't be a smart idea, so I'll just add that job to my to-do list.

This cute little watering can with succulents found its way into my cart at the garden center. It should do well on my sunporch.

 Finally, last week I attended a book talk at my local library. Marta McDowell spoke about her book, All The Presidents' Gardens. Her talk was so interesting that I purchased her book which I am enjoying immensely. In just the first few chapters, I have learned so very much.  American history and gardening . . . now that's a winning combination for me.

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