Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday Sampler - Swan Boats and Lilacs

Each year, members of the South Shore Camera Club head into Boston to shoot at dawn in the Public Garden. Traditionally, they go on Mother's Day, but this year due to the weather they had postponed until yesterday. It always sounds like a wonderful idea as the soft, morning light must be truly glorious, but I wouldn't know as I have never rolled out of bed early enough to join them. :-) They are there by 5:00! My friend Marilyn and I did go to the Public Garden yesterday, but we arrived at the far more civilized time of 9:30.  The sun kept going in and out, but I did take a few photos.

When I was little, on Sunday mornings after church, my dad and the man next door would often fill his station wagon with the neighborhood kids and take us to special places such as the Public Garden and Franklin Park Zoo. They were two very good dads.

Dating back to the 1870s, four generations of the Paget family have operated these iconic Swan Boats. Click here to view a pictorial history of the Swan Boats. 

Next we headed to the Arnold Arboretum to view the lilac display. It was windy so I didn't take many photos, but I loved the colors of these two bushes.

After stopping for lunch, I was home by 2:00 after what seemed an already quite full day. My plans to veg on the sunporch were put on hold when Emma pointed out that she hadn't had her walk yet . . . so  . . . I was off again.


  1. you may not have been there at the crack of some un-godly hour... but you got some wonderful pictures xx

  2. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful trip!