Saturday, March 26, 2016

After the Storm

Yesterday, I finished another row for my "Row by Row Experience - 2015" quilt. This row, "After the Storm," is bright and oh so colorful, but it was an absolute bear to make. I do enjoy paper piecing, but between keeping the raindrops falling in the right direction and working with a small, confusing color chart, this row took way too much time. 

The other day I wrote about some of the books that I use in my crazy quilting, and I wanted to mention one more, Judith Baker Montano's Fibreart Montage. This wonderful book combines quilting, embroidery, photography, silk ribbon work, and embellishments.  It was from this book that I was inspired to create my cigarette silk actress book after seeing her cigarette silk actress quilt; please click here to see that completed project. A few years ago, I created this underwater fantasy based on a project in her book.

 Here's a close up to show you some of the stitching and bead work. This piece is not that large, and so I intend some day to make a larger version.

Emma and I wish all of you a very Happy Easter.

Update: I just came back from an afternoon walk with Emma, my fitness buddy, and couldn't resist adding this photo. Don't you just love the shadow. . .  :-) 

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  1. You are so talented and do such beautiful work! And yes, I love Emmas adorable shadow too! :-)