Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunny Snowy Saturday

Yesterday I shared these same views during the storm and later at twilight, but this morning it was so beautiful with the sun shining that I had to post these. If you look closely, you may spot Emma dashing about in the top photo.

I'm going to spend some time quilting today and hopefully later will post some photos of what I accomplish.

Update . . . I did get a few things done this afternoon. Here are three drawstring bags for children receiving DCF services. One of the guilds to which I belong makes these bags so children will have something in which to carry their personal belongings when being placed in foster homes.

I also completed the stitching on this row of raindrops for my 2015 Row by Row Experience quilt. Don't you love the colors!

I spotted these daffodils at the edge of my garden. It seems they, too, were fooled by the recent warm weather that we had been having!

Miss Emma is enjoying the snow, but it sure is no fun when it clings to her fur. :-)

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  1. looks stunning .. the snow makes all the other colours really stand out x Staying in the warm sewing sounds like a good plan to me x