Monday, February 29, 2016

Signs of the Time

A sign of spring . . . just hold on; it's right around the corner. The colors of the crocuses are similar to those in this vintage embroidered tablecloth which I put out this morning.

I'm glad I came across this bright, cheery tablecloth which was stitched by one of my aunts many years ago.

It was such a lovely day that Emma and I headed to Hull this afternoon to take a walk along the boardwalk at Nantasket Beach which provided a welcome change from our usual neighborhood walks. Emma is an excellent fitness buddy. :-)

Unclear on the Concept . . . 
I recently came across this sign.

That's fine, but as you will see there is another message on the other side which is unfortunately a sad sign of our times.

It's seems pretty clear who the real nut is and there were also some nasty Hillary Clinton signs. What has happened to civility in this election season? I have always enjoyed watching the debates and listening to the 'experts' offering their opinions and insights, but this year it is different. There is so much mean-spirited, bigoted, hate speech and downright nastiness coming from one side that it truly scares me. I shudder to think what the next ten months will bring.

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