Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And Then There Were Two . . . Christmas Wreaths, That Is . . .

The other day I came across a wonderful, step by step tutorial for making a DIY Ornament Wreath at Vintage, Paint, and more.  It was gorgeous, so I couldn't wait to make one for my front door. After a quick trip to the dollar store and the craft store, I gathered my supplies and trusty glue gun and began. I had measured the space between the wooden door and the storm door and thought there would be no problem. I became more and more excited as the project took shape and was thrilled with the final result. . . Now, you might have observed that this wreath isn't hanging on the door. It was a smidge too high making it impossible to tightly close the storm door. Soooooooo, it is now hanging in my dining room.

Still, I was more than a bit disappointed as I had really wanted it for my front door. After mulling it over for a day, it was off to the craft store and dollar store again for more supplies. :-) This time I used only medium and small size ornaments.

Now, I'm happy. :-)

One quick note if you try this project, when you go to the dollar store pick up a package of small jingle bells with the end caps that look like acorns as they are great for filling in gaps between the ornaments.

Happy crafting.

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