Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Thrift Shop Treasures

     As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the weather on Friday and Saturday was cold, windy, and wet; so, what were we to do??? We visited thrift/consignment shops run by local churches and civic organizations. This pansy table from the Habitat for Humanity store will be perfect for holding a beverage or book, and it has found a new home on my sunporch. Pansies always offer a burst of happy color! I also purchased this heavy ceramic vase for my sunporch. Isn't it pretty?

Another find was this cobalt piece which I will either use for serving or possibly as a jardiniere for a deserving plant. The photo doesn't do justice to the color.

     What else did I pick up? A wooden box which I will show after I apply some wood stain to it, a couple of utensils to use in my surface design projects, a brand new wallet with lots and lots of pockets for cards, a package of canvas style photo computer paper, and a new 4x6 photo album. It sure was a fun and interesting way to pass the time.

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  1. WOW! you can congratulate yourself on some great finds xx