Sunday, October 11, 2015

Civil War Encampment & The Intern

     Yesterday was an absolutely perfect autumn day, and when my friend Marilyn told me that the Randolph Historical Society was having a Civil War Encampment at Powers Farm, we decided to check it out.

     There were many interesting displays. The photo below was taken of a group representing the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, the first military unit consisting of black soldiers from the North. That regiment's role was brought to life on the big screen in Glory.

     There were also raw recruits drilling in the field.

     There was one thing that I found particularly interesting. On a table, there was a large display of rifles used during this period. When my friend inquired about the weight of the rifles, the gentleman encouraged us to pick one up. We could not believe just how heavy it was. 

     After a visit to the camp, for a change of pace, we headed to the cinema to see The Intern starring Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro. DeNiro plays a retired, widowed businessman who looking to fill his days, applies for a job as an intern at an online fashion site. The movie has received mixed reviews, but I really liked it!!! If you don't get hung up on the perhaps implausible plot, you will really, really like it too! Both actors and the movie are totally charming, and it's a very pleasant way to spent a couple of hours. I'd give it a B+ and as my former students would tell you, I was not an easy grader. :-)

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