Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sand Sculpture on Wollaston Beach

On the front page of today's Quincy Patriot Ledger there was an article about a group of three sculptors who over the last two days built this impressive sand castle. One sculptor is from Australia, another from Prince Edward Island, and the third from California. According to the article, twenty tons of special sand was dumped on Wollaston Beach at 8:00am on Wednesday. After reading the article, I headed to Quincy Shore Drive to see it for myself. The work had already been completed and the sculptors were gone when I arrived late this afternoon. The sand sculpture is promoting the upcoming Revere Beach International Sand Sculpture Festival next weekend, an event that I have always thought of attending but just never have.

After a long walk along the boardwalk, I stopped at Tony's Clam Shop to bring home a lobster roll. It was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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