Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Row by Row Experience 2014 Quilt

Whoopie!!! I have finally finished the quilt top from last year's "Row by Row Experience." Nine "row" patterns were used in the making of this quilt. I'm really happy with how bright and cheerful it is . . . a perfect summertime quilt.  I'm determined to layer and quilt this one myself, but I can't begin that process until I make two quilts for two of my little cousins. 
     Speaking of cousins, I had a great time yesterday afternoon when my cousin came for a visit with her  two little girls. Emma was equally thrilled to see them. Since it was really hot, all of us except Emma, headed to Hornstra Farm in Norwell for some scrumptious ice cream. Next, we checked out the new playground at the recently renovated Legion Field in Weymouth. The playground received two thumbs up, but without any shade we didn't stay there too long. Back at my house in the AC, we played a few rounds of Mexican Train which the girls really enjoy. They have created their own set of rules which I must say does move the game right along. They even have a dance to accompany the train sounds when the winner pushes the button on the "station" piece. Later, we went to Wollaston Beach and had dinner at Tony's Clam Shop. Their mom loved the lobster roll as did I, and the girls chose hot dogs. :-) Our finally stop of the evening was Wessaguset Beach where we searched for beach glass. As always, a good time was had by all! :-)

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  1. it IS bright and cheerful x It sounds as if you all had a great time .. you didn't mention .. did Emma get a lick of an ice cream? lol x