Saturday, July 18, 2015

May the Force Be with You!!!

I have seven little cousins, the oldest of whom are triplets, and they will be turning ten in October. It doesn't seem possible! I'm working on making quilts for them, and as you can see, the boy will be getting a Star Wars themed quilt. His quilt top is finished and now it's time to start the quilt tops for the girls. I've decided to use the same pattern for both girls. As we have been visiting quilt shops"Row by Rowing," I've been purchasing fat quarters in a rainbow of colors. What a pile I have collected . . . probably enough for more than two quilts but the fabrics were simply irresistible! [In case you are not a quilter, let me explain that a fat quarter is a piece of fabric 18x22 inches.]

Whether you are a quilter or just know someone who is, take a few minutest and read a speech about quilting and quilters delivered by a criminal court judge in Calgary, Alberta, posted on another blog. It's a bit long, but it sure is funny.

Speaking of "Row by Rowing," I went with a friend to the Calico Cottage in Seekonk, MA, yesterday to pick up its row pattern and kit which features four brightly colored umbrellas in keeping with this year's 'Water' theme. 

Let's hope the force is with me as I try to complete these three quilts in time for their October birthday.

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