Thursday, June 26, 2014

In My Garden This Week - June 26, 2014

     Isn't this hibiscus gorgeous! I love the color and the ruffled petals. 

There's nothing better than relaxing here with a good book and a tall glass of lemonade or ice coffee. I try not to think about how much work there is still to do in my gardens; instead I just enjoy the view.

I bought this daylily last fall, and this is my first time seeing it in bloom. It's a "Happy Ever Appster Daylily" called "Rosy Returns' and it is supposed to be long blooming. It sure is pretty!

 Another perennial favorite are blanket flowers. These bright, cheerful flowers are constant bloomers from spring to fall. These little beauties come in various shades of oranges, yellows, and reddish tones and make great cut flowers.

Along the side of my garage, I have blanket flowers, rose campions and stella d'oro daylilies.

Rose campions grow anywhere. I love their tenacity and determination! (Two qualities I greatly admire.) To illustrate, I just popped out to take this shot of the rose campions growing in the crack
 between the patio and the base of the deck.

[Photography note: The above photo was a quick grabshot taken with my iPhone. The other images were taken were taken a few days ago with my Nikon D60 and Tamron 90macro.}

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