Saturday, June 21, 2014

Falmouth Friday with Ospreys

     Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day, so I called a friend and off we headed to Falmouth on Cape Cod. I wanted to check out some of the osprey nesting platforms, and I wasn't disappointed. Be sure to click on the photos to see larger versions. This couple is having a staring contest. "It's your turn to get the fish." "No, I went last time; it's your turn." I wasn't able to see any babies, but eventually one adult did fly off.

     Falmouth has quite a few nesting platforms and an apparently healthy number of osprey.  I caught this osprey returning home with a fish to another nesting platform.

I did see some babies on another nesting platform. Maybe next week I'll return with my bike and try to capture a better photo of this little family whose platform is near the Shining Star Bike Trail.

Later, we had lunch at the Flying Bridge which always makes me feel as if I am on vacation..

I know composition guidelines indicate you should never place your subject smack in the middle of the image, but that's exactly what I intentionally did in this photo of Nobska Light. I like it and I think that it works!

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