Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wiltering, Withering, Blistering Heat

     I'm not sure that "wiltering" is even a word, but I could have sworn those three words began Diane Sawyer's ABC's News broadcast this evening. Then again with this heat wave, my hearing could be a bit off. :-) It's far too hot on the sunporch, so I have moved my gardenia back inside where it's cooler. It needs lower nightly temps to set blooms. About fifteen to twenty years ago, I had central air conditioning installed, and it's truly wonderful during these sweltering days.
     Yesterday, my cousin and her two little boys came for a visit and brought with them a "Goofy Gecko" sprinkler which kept them cool. They are two of the cutest little guys in the whole wide world, and it was great fun having them visit.

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