Sunday, July 14, 2013

Turkey Trot - Part 2

     Here's one more family photo of Mrs. Tom and her little ones that I took yesterday. 

     Though it was warm, I did manage to do some planting and weeding yesterday afternoon. I love the red beebalm and blue balloon plants that are putting on quite a show in my small garden.

     My larger garden is also coming along nicely. I've added more coneflowers and some rudbeckias. The rudbeckias, which are yellow, daisy-like flowers with large maroon centers, were on the markdown shelf at the local home improvement center.  I think with a little TLC they will do just fine and come back even better next year to provide color to the front corner of my garden.

     Finally, nothing says summer like homegrown tomatoes. There are three pots on my patio with these tiny tomatoes. I'd like to have a vegetable garden as well, but my small garden is the only spot that receives full sun all day, and I've always had flowers there. There is also a big problem with tree roots. Having said that, perhaps next year I could build a small raised bed along the fence. It's something to consider.

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