Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fields of Daylilies

     The daylily fields are abloom at Tranquil Lakes Nursery in Rehoboth, MA. I had a gift certificate which had been given to me by two friends four years ago when I retired. We had taught together at many Weymouth schools through the years. I had been planning to redeem the certificate each summer, but Rehoboth is not very close and something always got in the way. Today dawned too warm and humid for gardening or the gym, and so I decided today was the day. The fields at the nursery were awash in color, and it was hard to make a selection. I chose this daylily named "Shepherd's Light." 

It's a lovely, large yellow daylily, and I planted it right in the front of my garden for a brilliant spot of color. I also purchased two coneflower plants; one a very deep pink and the other an orange shade. Coneflowers are great for cutting; they are one of my favorite garden flowers.

     As you can see, I decided where to hang the floral crayon art that my cousins had made for my birthday. Don't these pieces look cheerful!

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